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If its not fun, its not the one

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Looking to outsource your development projects?

You are at the right place!

Located in Sri Lanka, our full service software development team is ready to design, build and deploy the high quality solutions you desire.

This is Sri Lanka

Not the same as India, neighbours but a very different place. Zeebra has a team of 15 engineers and growing in Colombo. The technical universities on this Island are first class, and Zeebra have hired the best available.

Modern Tech Stack

Our team is constantly evolving with the latest and most rapid, secure, and scaleable technical solutions. Java, React.JS, Flutter, AWS / Kubernetes / Jenkins for example, has been our most common mobile app stack of late.

Full Service

We offer full service solutions as required. This means product management, design & Architecture, UX/UI (rapid wireframes and prototyping), automated QA/Test engineering, all the way through to maintenance and support.

The Experience

This is what we consider the most important part of our service to you. Whilst offering absolute professionalism we at the same time want you to enjoy the experience working with us. If it’s not fun, it’s not the one.

Recruiting IT brains?

You are at the right place!

Over 14,000 smartest IT folks from all over the Europe in our database.
12 years of recruitment experience & focus only to IT.

We understand Europe

Zeebra finds and recruits IT talent across the continent, drawing on an in-depth knowledge of each market's unique culture, economy and skillset.

We know where the talent is

Zeebra's familiarity with the European IT landscape means we can direct your company towards specific local talent pools, saving you time and money.

We're IT people

Our consultants' IT backgrounds mean we not only understand your technical needs and current market trends, but are also able to evaluate our candidates more accurately.

We run the tests you need

Zeebra's testing of candidates is tailored to your requirements, blending our own in-house test library with industry-standard resources such as Brainbench.

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Are you an IT developer. You are at the right place. We are searching for Java programmers, C# , C++, .NET, javascript, QA analysts and testers.

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